Now Is The Perfect Time To Experience These Revolutionary Hearing Aids

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Your hearing and safety are our top priorities

Our employees are trained to provide you with a safe and comfortable visit

All guidelines provided by the local authorities are being followed

Phone screening for Covid-19 symptoms is carried out for all appointments

Limited number of customers are allowed in the clinic

Employees and customers sanitize their hands when customers enter and leave the clinic

Medical equipment and common areas are cleaned and sanitized between appointments

Protective gear is worn by hearing care professionals

True Environment Processing™ makes it possible to detect sound in real-time
and understand speech more easily, even in very challenging listening situations.

Makes conversations easy to follow in noisy situations
Significantly reduces background noise
Powerful rechargeable technology, so no batteries needed

Unique features of this revolutionary hearing device:

There is no need to switch the hearing aids off.
They are turned off automatically when placed in the charger and the charging process is initiated.
The LED on the hearing aids will indicate when the charging process starts and when it is finished.
In the morning, simply remove the hearing aids from the charger and put them on your ears. They are automatically switched on and ready to use.